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The Culprit

Food sensitivities and allergies rearing their heads can be unbearable – especially when you least expect it. In my case I was completely blindsided. The Culprit? The Almond. Absolutely devastating. This crunchy, thick & silky pulverised almond reduced me to a fraction of my energetic self. I was seriously an immovable blob, howling in pain & cradling my tummy.

Unbeknownst to me, there was a way to prepare nuts that makes a world of difference for digestion. I know right? My mind was blown – seriously little fireworks were bursting inside my skull. Now, you might have perused or read countless recipes that call for you to soak your nuts overnight, or refer to the process of “sprouting,” “boiling,” or “roasting”. If you have, then we are on the same page. As this form of processing transforms that tough texture of the almond – alleviating its rigidity so it’s easier to digest and doesn’t get stuck or clog up our system.

But before I dive into the nuts & bolts of “How to” enjoy nuts, let’s talk in more detail about the “Why” & “How” they can mess up your digestion. Nuts contain copious amounts of protein and fibre that can overload our systems. That’s stating it simply. More specifically they contain compounds that impair digestion – phytates & tannins. As humans we just can’t digest them. Think of Mr. P & Mrs. T as a couple that like to bind up minerals in order to prevent the enzymatic reactions that tell the nut that it’s in the all clear to sprout.

Sound like a load of gibberish? I understand, it’s a little difficult to get your head around. Basically, when we consume the nut, unlike animals, the nut is aware it hasn’t got the potential chance to sprout so as humans we are not able to absorb the nut’s important minerals. But those are exactly what our bodies are craving, right? We want the nuts calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc & copper.

So, the solution is in the preparation of nuts & seeds. By soaking, sprouting, fermenting or boiling the compounds of the nuts that we mere mortals are unable to digest, it allows us to eat the nut & reap the benefits.

I’ve simplified the findings in order for me to process the information. However, in a nutshell, the exterior of a nut or seed is one tough little bugger.

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