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MTC Oil is Fat For Fuel

One of my most frequently asked question is, “How do you look so healthy & energetic?”. To be honest there is no “miracle pill” – rather tangible choices & resources that anyone can access. And today I’m going to talk about one of them, MTC Oil and how it contributes to my “High Energy”.

Made from the easily metabolised fats from coconut oil, MTC stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Otherwise known as the infamous 90’s girl group of C Fats. Think of the Spice Girls minus Ginger. These 4 carbon atom babes are serious killers. Why? Because this combo of MTCs can turn into ketones. Ketones allow you to plunge your body & mind into Ketosis. This is the process of transforming fats into fuel instead of using carbs & sugars. This enhances your performance ability & energetically you’ll be owning the stage like Queen’s Freddy Mercury. Imagine rocking “Bohemian Rhapsody” on repeat for a whole hour – that’s what true ketosis feels like!

Or consider you are a Vintage baby blue Chevy Convertible & you’re cruising down the highway in a remote desert. Suddenly, the car starts to rattle & shake, making gurgling noises, shrieking in utter agony. What do you do? You pull over to the side of the road to check your fuel gage and “oh f**k” its flashing red. The realisation hits, you’re totally up shit creek in the middle of nowhere out of gas. Just like that vintage Chevy, your body is craving FUEL. Instead of giving it carbs or sugars, I say opt for the longer lasting and less damaging MTC Oil.

The tricky part is which MTC Oil to choose. Personally, I’ve tried a couple of different brands but the only one I would back 100% is Bulletproof XTC Oil. Seriously, it is stronger in its potency & I find it activates the “fat for fuel” internal switch much more effectively. Usually within 30 mins I’m alert, focused and ready to train, work or perform. This is often the case when I mix in the oil with another liquid, specifically cold-pressed coffee. I’ve never been one for lattes or cappuccinos but putting XTC Oil and your choice of coffee into a blender creates beautifully rich foam that brings out all the essential oils found in the coffee bean.

For me personally when I was at my worst if I wasn’t having XTC Oil religiously every morning I physically wouldn’t have had the energy to function. Seriously, I had pushed my body to near death with stress, anxiety & the sudden loss of muscle mass. XTC Oil provided me a foundation – a structure & ritual in the morning that recharged my system. The image that comes to mind is seeing myself lying on an operating table, my heartbeat is crashing, the beeping sound is reverberating around the room, I begin to flat-line & the doctors grab the defibrillator – pounding it against my chest, then suddenly I’m resuscitated. It was like having a shot of natures’ adrenaline.

The best part is you can be as creative as you like, e.g. substitute Extra Virgin Olive Oil for XTC/MCT Oil, or add it to homemade seed or nut butters. I’ve cooked grass-fed mince meat with a combo of Bulletproof’s XTC Oil & Collagen Protein. My “protein style” burgers were so juicy & flavoursome that they gave me a real energetic booty boost. Imagine Kevin Bacon in Footloose, or the classic Flashdance finale where she dances her heart out to “What a Feeling”.  It was like I’d been plugged into a socket & instantaneously recharged. I’ve even added XTC to Kombucha & Kefir when my gastritis & esophagitis was unable to bear caffeine. You could also try smoothies, baking batter, scrambled eggs, salad dressing, home-made desserts like mousse – even chocolate. Seriously, the possibilities are endless & so exciting once you jump on the bandwagon.

I urge you to experiment & reap the benefits of embracing your inner “rebel” & breaking the rules. Just remember, as with anything you try for the first time begin slowly. Start with one teaspoon & gradually increase over time. You want to see how your body can tolerate MTC/XTC Oil & build up to it – because trust me you do not, I repeat, you do not want an upset tummy on your hands.

To be blunt, MTC Oil provides a doorway into reaching Ketosis. A state where you can sustain focus, energy, endurance, alertness and can perform to the best of your ability. Take a chance on MTC and see if it helps you with any sluggishness you might be experiencing.

Shadow’s Health Tip: if you suffer from bouts of dandruff, rest assured you don’t have to waste your money on products that promise the world but don’t deliver. The day/night before washing your hair apply MCT Oil directly on to your scalp, or those pesky “problem areas”. This allows the oils to soak and sink into your scalp and help repair and nourish the skin. But why stop there? Use it for eczema, rashes or even burns & see what happens. Wherever you are on your healing journey know that nothing beats using natural oils from the earth. And there’s no harm in experimenting, hey? 

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