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Kefir Ice Pops

I am parched & gearing up for today’s heatwave. All I can say is, bring it on!

Over the weekend at the Coburg Farmers Market I got my grubby little hands on The Good Seed Kefir’s refreshingly gut soothing Kefir Ice Pops. I’m a huge supporter of Kefir as it nourishes my body from the inside out. It’s unique blend of micro-nutrients & powerful antioxidants is the ultimate health boost! So, can you imagine my utter relief when reading the ingredients for these ice-pops: Lemon Kefir & Cherries, that’s it – all raw & organic!

This little gem is cram packed with goodness. I love that there are real cherry bits inside & that it’s so balanced – not too sweet or tart! It’s a complete pleasure to wake-up & devour, especially since I feel like my body is bursting with sunshine. The Good Seed Kefir are regulars at Farmers Markets across Melbourne – pop in over the weekend & stock up for the summer!

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