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Body Mapping for Breakfast

I spoke earlier about being drawn to activities that activate & support my bodies’ need to “Rest & Digest”. One of these is “Body Mapping”. Don’t freak out – you don’t have to be an artist & it’s literally as simple as it sounds. All you need is a piece of A4 white paper, a pen or black marker to outline a body (which basically ends up looking like a gingerbread man) & some crayons, chalks or pencils of your choice. Oh, and a willingness to connect with your breath & your body.

This exercise is all about “checking-in” with yourself – zoning in on what is happening in the present, not the immediate past or future but in the “now”. Closing your eyes helps you to zero in & listen. You begin to sense & feel how you are holding yourself, your feet are firmly planted on the ground, arms by your sides – gradually you begin to become aware. You might find yourself holding tension in a particular limb, there might be a feeling of tingling, coolness, fire emanating somewhere in the body, you may see a colour, smell a particular odour but whatever you sense stay with it & don’t try to change it.

When you are ready you can begin to draw. There are absolute no limits. All you have is the outline of your body & your openness to express yourself! My god, how freeing does that sound? Give yourself permission to go for it, no holding back! I love waking up to this art process because: 1. It is quick, easy & immediately centres me. 2. It provides me with the time & space to be present. I truly believe art has immense healing potential. I not only find it grounding but the processes allow me to nourish & deepen my mind-body-soul connection. Oh and if your curious about breakfast this morning was 2 boiled eggs straight from the farm, 1 heated Fuji apple & 1 Kiwi fruit soaked overnight in @terramadreorganics Apple cider vinegar. Fuel the body, fuel the mind!

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