About - Shadows Health
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About Me

Who am I? I could be absolutely anyone.

A voice of encouragement inside your head spurring you on, a fellow “Gut Health Warrior,” an everyday woman plagued with anxiety, a girl fed up with her chronic digestive issues. The list is endless. But one thing is for certain, Shadows Health is my attempt at cultivating a community where I and others can speak freely about their individual experiences. Here, I will be documenting my journey to rebuild a nourishing relationship with food & my body. It is my goal to share my discoveries & offer a platform for support.

Please understand that what I say is not “Gospel”. I am no “Health Guru.” Nor do I have all the answers. I am just one woman with over 20 years of trial & error under her belt. Mark my words if it promised weight-loss or bowel movements I tried it.

Why do I feel compelled to share my experiences? Well if I can reach one person then I think it’s worth exposing my inner demons & battles because I know it can be such an abrasive & brutal world to navigate alone. My journey has been one hell of a tumultuous motherf***er (let’s not beat around the bush I’ve got a filthy mouth). It’s been excruciatingly painful, jaw-droppingly unpredictable, uncomfortable, plagued, toxic – I think you get the picture. But despite this I wouldn’t have it any other way because it has made me into who I am today, one resilient, inquisitive, compassionate little warrior. Hopefully I can help you find the warrior within in you too.

In this blog, like the little “pioneer” that I am, I will be venturing into uncharted territories and sharing what I discover, what I think, how certain things galvanize me or deflate me. It’s not always going to be easy, I will struggle but I will be real. I will not hide, or cower. If you get a kick out of my writing style, my blunt honesty, my no bullshit approach – then by all means continue to read. I hope I can provide comfort & support – a knowing that you are not alone on the journey.

My aim is to approach health from all different angles. We are all individuals. Our approach to our own health will mirror our uniqueness & thank god for that – because my true belief is that we alone know our bodies – what fuels them, what makes them tick or screech or wail. And sometimes, despite our fears, we hold more power than we realise.